Carlos Larracilla

Carlos Larracilla

Carlos Larracilla is a well respected Mexican artist born in Guadalajara in 1976.

Larracilla was exposed to the art of painting in his late teens subsequently to a severe depression episode which lasted slightly over two years, throughout that time Larracilla found painting to be a haven of his own and a perfect escape from such debilitating state of mind.

The first couple of years of Larracilla’s story as painter was simply for therapeutic purposes but eventually his incredible talent became his means to make a living and his way of life. Although Larracilla successfully completed his high school education, all of his artworks are the amazing result of his self-taught effort. “All of my art teachers have already passed away”, referring to artists such as: Van Gogh, Caravaggio, Rembrandt, and El Bosco to name a few. Larracilla remarks that those artists have somehow fed him with knowledge and facilitated him with a natural talent to painting.

For Larracilla painting women and animals is the most common way of communicating his madness for the art with the public. Which over the years, they are becoming his “trademark”.

To this day, Larracilla has shown his work at more than 120 exhibitions throughout Mexico, USA and Europe.