Anna Maria Pisano

Anna Maria Pisano

Anna Maria Pisano was born in Ussassai, a mountainous region of inland Sardinia. A graduate of biological sciences, she subsequently went on to study naturopathy.

During the early 1990s, her interest in art developed, which culminated in her studying various art and personal experimentation courses. This led to her opening an art gallery and studio in the historic district of Castello, Cagliari.

Anna Maria Pisano partakes in various collective exhibitions. She experiments with new painting techniques using oil and acrylic paints, collages and wherever possible recycled material. Her work is often inspired by the “Female Universe” and forms part of many International private art collections.

She has a collection of the stories of “Pinocchio’s Adventures” and represents some moments from his childhood as a wooden puppet.

Okapi Gallery has her oil paintings (Diptych) of Teenage Mary. This diptych represents reflections and emotions derived from the readings of the book Accabadora, a book that speaks of the oldest traditions of Sardinia. Maria is a teenager who lives with her mother and her sisters. After her father’s death, she is adopted by Bonaria, an elderly dresser in the village of Accabadora, the one who helps ill people to die. For people, Bonaria is not a murderer, but a loving and pitiful woman who helps fate to be fulfilled.

Her story encompasses the mystery of maternity. It speaks of life and death in a frame of traditional celebrations.