Alessia Grazzani

Alessia Grazzani

Alessia Grazzani was born in Milan in 1970, educated in London, worked as a producer for the main Italian commercial TV network. The artist has always participated in the world of Art, initially as an estimator and contemporary art collector, later actively developing her own technique which brings her love for comics and Pop Art together as her main source of inspiration.

Alessia Grazzani’s strictly unique pieces of bright multi-coloured micro-collage, composed by hundreds if not thousands of pieces of vintage comics glued to canvas, can be defined as a kind of reversed Pointillism in which the viewer acquires a more precise perception of the work by moving nearer to it, rather than stepping away from it. At a closer look the almost film-like sequence of the characters’ different expressions spiraling and anchoring to mysterious drawings are extremely captivating; a compelling bedlam of cheerful energy which creates a party-like atmosphere.

The comics she uses come from frequent quests in flea-markets and at collectors’ shops. The technique employed is thorough, almost obsessive and it may take months to cut and glue the countless number of tiny pieces to the canvas.

The artist was discovered by Milan historic art dealer Luisa Delle Piane and was positively received by critics right from the beginning. Her work has been displayed in two solo exhibitions in Arezzo in 2015 and Milan in 2016 and is part of several private collections in Italy, the United States, and the United Arab Emirates.

Grazzani lives in Merate, close to the Lecco Lake, with her husband and 3 children.